About the Artist

Robert Heller creating a sculpture

I have two passions in my life’s work.  As a physician I connect with the human body as a healer.  As a sculptor, I am inspired to create symbolic manifestations of the human form’s intrinsic beauty.

I am inspired by a freedom to express and explore the female form, translating my anatomical visions from medicine into abstract sculpture.  My artistic journey and spiritual evolution blur the distinction between illusion and reality.

My style is contemporary even though the subjects are timeless.  Each sculpture has a distinct identity and personality expressing a strong presence and deep intimacy.

The work captures the life force of my subject’s rhythms, harmony and symmetry in three dimensions providing a dialogue between form, space, color, texture and line.  My work explores the abstract stylization of form capturing the spiritual essence of each subject.


Heller Sculptures- artist hands in clayRobert Heller in studio with his sculpture "Energy"